Top Cities In Jacksonville

The Jacksonville subway area is a place where you can do various outdoor activities. The Atlantic Beach and Jacksonville Beach are beachfront filled and offer boating, jumping, fishing and surfing everywhere. Orange Park is also beautiful and contains country clubs, family fun centers, golf courses, spas, trails and more.

Atlantic beach

Atlantic Beach is one of the most costly places to pick when moving to Jacksonville, but that’s for a good reason: you’ll be in the water or only a block or two away. The population is under 15,000, which makes for a more close-knit community. You have a small town touch where everyone is associated, but there are fewer issues. This city is also home to the Atlantic Beach Country Club, which is home to one of the excellent golf courses in the US.

Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville Beach ranks as the top beach in America for most people. It is debatable, but you will not find people living so close to many other great beaches. 20,000 more residents living in Jacksonville Beach are lucky because everyone is within minutes of beachfront. There is also family fun at the adventure landing, a fun park complete with go-carts, laser tag, mini golf and child-friendly activities. The South Beach Park and the Children’s Park is a great place to bring the family for the regular getaways, too.

Orange Park

Just beyond the Naval Air Station and the Jacksonville Naval Complex is the city of Orange Park. It is a 25-minute drive from downtown Jacksonville and has roughly 10,000 residents. This is a suburb region with many beautiful homes that can accommodate larger families.

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